Our guidelines

- Our training programmes are based on the following parameters:

The fundamentals

- The 5 cornerstones

- Good and pleasant working conditions for the trainee. At Multilangues: bright and airy classes, mobile phone switched off during lessons. At your company: We insist on the office or meeting room door being closed, answering machines/voicemails on, no disturbances.

- Focus on oral expression rather than writing.
Speak before writing.

- 100% Foreign language use in the lessons by native speakers.

- Intuitive grammar: Talking about language is not necessarily speaking it. Grammatical explanations only complement intuitive assimilation,otherwise they become an obstacle to speaking.

- F & R: fix and revise. At the end of each lesson, the trainer asks the trainee to list what he has remembered; at the beginning of each lesson, the trainer reviews what was done during the previous lesson.

The specifics

- Situation-based criteria according to the trainee’s availability,autonomy,scheduling and budget.

    • Individual / collective?
    • General language / specialized language?
    • Scheduled courses / Coaching?
    • One to one / telephone / e-learning / full immersion?
    • Intensive / extensive?

In theory, no option is better than another, each one being adapted to any particular circumstance or case.

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