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Because a living language is more than just grammar, sounds and syntax.
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In today’s increasingly diverse and globalized job-market, being multilingual gives you that competitive edge. For this reason we work on general cultural subjects as well as business contexts. Our aim is to help you be comfortable and efficient by using a tailor-made method.

Here at Multilangues, the teaching and administrative team is made up of 47 professionally-minded trainers, with international backgrounds, cultures and nationalities such as Canada, the US, South Africa, UK, Peru, etc.. This mosaic of experience and accents have been brought together to help you face every possible linguistic and cultural situation and challenge in your work or travels.

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Perfection Workshops

We offer individual and group courses (a maximum of 6 people per group) at your company or with us here at Multilangues. These workshops are tailored to bring you up to speed for a specified need in the business world.

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Training Abroad & Sociocultural Seminars

Training abroad is one of the best ways to boost your level in a short and intensive training session. Weekly courses are from Sunday to Sunday (20, 25 or 30 hours), full board with the host. Countries of visit include the US and Canada, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland and more.

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Pre-Recruitment Validation

Complete and independent linguistic evaluation for recruiting potential employees

Open Doors

Each course is taught by a qualified trainer in their mother tongue

To ensure the trainee can express themselves naturally and precisely, our trainers always teach in their mother tongue.

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Our network covers most of the French metropolitan area, including all of Ile-de-France as well as numerous French regions through phone lessons, our partner network and e-learning. Find out if we cover your area!

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